Screaming Toddler And Autism

Screaming Toddler And Autism. Autism or also known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a disorder that affects the process of social interaction, behavior, and communication. ASD disorder also encompasses Asperger syndrome and autism that is usually experienced in childhood.

Currently, in Indonesia, there are at least 2.4 million people who experience autism according to data from the central statistical agency (BPS). Possible in Indonesia there is one baby born autism every 100 babies born.

Autism disorder itself is a disorder that can not be cured but there are some handling steps that can make the autism disorder is reduced. Therefore it is very important to know what are the symptoms and characteristics of autistic children so that we can provide therapy more quickly.

Screaming Toddler And Autism

The symptoms or characteristics of autistic children themselves can only be seen clearly after a significant change in a person’s life and usually, this stage began to be seen in childhood. Symptoms of autistic children are different from each person but, in general, these symptoms can be classified into 2 main categories, namely:

First – is a category that includes disruption to communication and interaction. This category is characterized by the slowness of the child in mastering the language and understanding and sensitivity to the feelings of others or in other words this child has no emotion

Second – is a category that includes interests, mindsets, and reactions that repeatedly perform an activity. Autistic children who fall into this second category is one of them is always doing a certain thing that is repeated like knocking fingers or other especially when he was upset.

Here are some characteristics of children with autism that you need to know well:

1. Autism At The Age Of Children

Characteristics of autism in children begin to be seen clearly when the child is 3 years old. Children with autism usually have mental growth that is not like normal children usually, for example, can not speak or even if you can talk using a language that is not known by others. Communication is done by children with autism is also not good or less polite according to normal people.

Another characteristic of autistic children that can be seen when he was in the age of children is when he spoke not looking at the person who became his interlocutor, not expressive like a child his age, cannot give sympathy to others and drift in his own world. Children with autism will also play with objects that he likes it with repetitive movements and routines that are done quite strange and longer play schedule compared with children his age.

2. Impairment of Progress YTT Persasiv (PDD-NOS)

Disorder PPD-NOS is one of the mental disorders experienced by children almost like autism. Symptoms are also almost the same that have interference with communication, interaction, and behavior.

At the age of the children, the symptoms will be almost indistinguishable from mental disorders of autism. But in children who experience PDD NOS is still better because it can see the person who became his interlocutor and behave more calmly than the child with autism.

3. Rett syndrome

One type of autism disorder in other children is a rett syndrome. A rett syndrome is more commonly experienced by girls who at the time of birth until the age of 6 months of development is still normal but after that began to show some mental disorders. Children with the rett syndrome are the same as children with autism. Where he will not be able to talk normally and less able to mingle with peers.

4. Unbalanced Development

The development of infants or children with autism is characterized by an imbalance. This is because the child’s motor system is disrupted so that, his brain development cannot develop properly. For those of you who have children with autism, it must be very zealous to provide a lesson for children to learn well.

5. Children Love Repeat Activities

Pay attention to your child, if he likes activities that are done repeatedly and in a very high frequency. Like for example jumping especially if this activity is done wherever and whenever. One characteristic feature of autistic children since the baby is to love an activity that is done repeatedly.

6. Having Disturbance On Speaking

One of the most recognizable traits of an autistic child is from his speech. Children with autism have a distinctive style of speech that is stutter, late and less able to understand the words that are often used by people in general.

This autistic child has its own language and term that sometimes make the other person confused. But you as a normal person must understand and you have to learn their language as well as you still provide knowledge about the language in general.

7. Hate Noise

It’s best if you’re in talks with autistic children do not use the tone and harsh intonation. This is because one of the signs of autistic children is not like the sound that is too loud or noisy. When an autistic child hears a voice too loud then he will instantly become anxious and not calm and even their response can be excessive to the screaming loudly.

8. Dislikes Physical Contact

Children with autism also do not like the physical contact, especially from people who do not know. If the autistic child is touched, he will always avoid and hide from the person. Children with autism also do not like to talk even though they will not see the person who became his interlocutor.

9. Emotion of Children is not Stable

Children with autism can not control and control their emotions. Children with autism will release all their emotions and usually occur at unexpected times and in any situation like suddenly crying, suddenly screaming, laughing without any obvious cause. Therefore, many people call autistic children as psychiatric illness or (sorry) crazy.

10. Cool With His Own World

Autistic children always have their own world and only he who knows how to enjoy the world. Therefore, children with autism do not like when playing with other children and avoid them. When playing with his own world this is also a child with autism will express his speech skills.

11. Response to Different Objects

The purpose of the word is that children with autism will usually use the sense of smell more than using the sense of touch. This sense of smell is done when there is a new object that he saw.

Unlike other children who will usually see and feel but in their autistic children, this will kiss even eat the object as a form of exploration. Surely as a parent should exercise strict supervision on children with autism because it is very dangerous if the objects found are toxic objects.

12. Not Make Eye Contact

One of the characteristics of children with autism that had been mentioned previously is not able to make eye contact with others and vision will tend to down. But this autistic child also has other links to things like sunlight and glittering objects. Autistic children can be staring at the sun for a long time even hours, doing repetitive movements such as making a circle with his hand.

13. Has no spontaneous response in infancy

Characteristic-autistic children can also be seen from the time the child was a baby. The character can be seen as having no spontaneous response at the age of 0 to 6 months. Babies will tend to rarely cry but are too sensitive to some kind of touch.

In addition, the baby will also tend to move his legs and hands in excess while he was bathing. At the time the child is holding his hands will be clenched and his legs will be different from normal children normally. In addition, there is also no smile that is usually done by infants.

14. Characteristics At Age 6 Up To 12 Months

Characteristic characteristics of children with autism can also be seen at the age of 6 to 12 months. Autistic children at this age if picked up will be stiff and tense and have no interest to interact and are not interested in any kind of toys when usually children of this age are very responsive to new things like interesting toys.

The child also has no interest in the voice or word and the person who takes him as usual. The child will even look at the hands or objects he held for a very long time. This is due to the occurrence of motor sensor slowdown decay is too rough or smooth.

15. Characteristics at Ages 2 Up To 3 Years

Children at the age of 2 to 3 years should still be an inactive period because it can walk and others so that he needs an exploration of things around. But this is another experienced by an autistic child where he may not be able to walk and still be picked up.

The development of slow motor cells makes this happen, so the child is reluctant to move his body. At this age can also be detected by the interference of social interaction, communicate and speak good, how to watch and play with other children who are active.

16. Characteristics at Ages 4 Up To 5 Years

At this age will probably be a difficult time for parents who have autism. This is because at this age the child begins to show the existence of himself but himself can not control his expression and emotions.

So, the child will laugh loudly, shouting unclear, angry and even crying without any obvious cause. Children with autism also prefer to mimic the strange sounds that he heard. Another trait that will be experienced by children with autism at this age is if the will is not obeyed then he will do things that endanger himself and even hurt himself.

17. Physical Characteristics

Characteristics of children with autism can also be seen physically as having a fairly wide range of eyes compared with children who do not suffer from autism. Another characteristic experienced by an autistic child is to have the center of his face narrow.

In addition, the cheek and nose areas also have a closer distance. The distance between the lips and the nose is usually narrower. These characteristics have been done research conducted by scientists in children with autism. So, if you find your child has it you may need to be alert.