Signs Of Autism In 2 Year Old Boy

Signs Of Autism In 2-Year-Old Boy. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impairments in social interaction, language development, and communication. Characteristics of autism vary from mild to severe so that children need special attention.

Symptoms of autism in children can be seen starting from the first three years of his life. Some children show symptoms of autism since birth but there are also children who initially seen to have normal development and symptoms of autism are only seen at the age of 18-36 months.

What are the symptoms and characteristics of autism in children?

In general, children with autism have difficulty communicating. They are difficult to understand what other people think and feel. It makes it difficult for them to express their will through language orally, body language or facial expressions.

Signs Of Autism In 2 Year Old Boy

In addition to interference in communicating, children with autism also often perform activities or repetitive body movements such as shaking or freeing their hands. They tend to do their own activities and are not interested in the environment.

To detect autism early on, knowledge is required to have normal child development in general, therefore, signs of autism in children can be divided based on age. Here are signs of autism in children according to his age.

Characteristics of autism in infants aged less than 12 months

  • No eye contact when spoken to.
  • Do not smile back to you when you talk to her or smile
  • Does not respond to the sound.
  • Not interested when invited to play together.
  • The child does not turn when his name is called.

Symptoms of autism in children aged 12 to 24 months

  • Can not use everyday appliances such as toothbrushes, combs, or toys.
  • Do not take out words to start talking. At the age of 16 months, usually the child can start speaking a word and at the age of 24 months, the child can speak two words.
  • Not able to follow orders.

Symptoms of autism in children aged 2 years and over

  • Avoid eye contact.
  • Late speech skills. The child is difficult to tell what he needs. Some children are not even able to speak at all.
  • Have a strange speech pattern. The intonation of children speaks incompatible or sounds flat. Children often repeat the same word.
  • Have no interest in playing with other people.
  • Can not mimic the shape of an object such as drawing a ball shape.
  • Having problems with behavior. Children become hyperactive, impulsive or aggressive.

What should you do if there are signs of autism in your child?

If you find any of these signs to your child, you should immediately see your child to a pediatrician or child psychiatrist for therapy. Early treatment can alleviate the symptoms of autism suffered by children and prevent it from progressing to severe.